Residential Burning Permits

A permit is required in Nashua to kindle fire outdoors and is addressed by ordinance. Burning is allowed between the hours of 5pm and Midnight, weather permitting. Permits are issued free of charge. Seasonal burning permits are issued for Category I camp fires only and must be renewed each calendar year.  Burning Permit Checklist.

New for 2021 - Please Read!!

The links below are for property owners in Nashua who wish to obtain a Seasonal Burning Permit for a Category I fire.  If you do not own your property or you are looking to get a Category II or III permit, please call 603-589-3460 to make an appointment with one of our Fire Marshal's who will assist you at the Lake Street Fire Station, 177 Lake Street.

I Would Like To.....

  • Request new seasonal burning permit.

    • This link is for people who did not have a seasonal burning permit in 2020.  You must own your property to apply for this permit.
  • Renew Seasonal Burning Permit for 2021.

    • This link is for people who had a seasonal burning permit in 2020 and are looking to renew it.  You must own your property to renew your 2020 burning permit using this form.
  • Record use of Seasonal Burning Permit use for today.  

    • This link is for permit holder's looking to report use of their permit on a daily basis.  This form must be completed prior to burning.  You will need to create an account to complete this form.