2019-2022 Full Measure & List Appraisal and Revaluation

Special Board of Assessor’s Meeting on 3/2/2020 at 4pm in the Auditorium.
This is a startup meeting for the Full Measure & List Revaluation. The NH DRA and Vision Government Solutions will be attending this meeting.

The N.H. Department of Revenue has approved the contract between The City of Nashua and Vision Government Solutions for the 2020-2022 Full Measure and List.
2020-22-Cyclical Revaluation Approval
Proposed Cyclical Revaluation Contract BTLA Reassessment Order

The contract will be submitted to the Finance Committee for approval at the February 19th meeting.
Finance Committee Agenda 02.19.2020
Memo-20-083-2020-22-Cyclical Revaluation Contract

If approved the contract will then be on the agenda for approval by the full Board of Aldermen on February 25th.

R-19-159 - BONDING RESOLUTION PASSES THE BOARD OF ALDERMEN – for a copy of the approved resolution visit  https://www.nashuanh.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/6170

Nashua issued a request for proposals (RFP), RFP0023-092619 (PDF), on August 28th

On September 5th the city held a Non-Mandatory Pre-Proposal Meeting.  Two firms attended: Vision Government Solutions and Tyler Technologies.

The deadline for questions to the city was September 9th and the city posted answers to all questions received on September 11th.

On September 26th all RFP Responses were due by 3PM.  Proposals were received from the following appraisal firms:

Corcoran Consulting Associates, Inc. - RFP PDF
Wolfeboro Falls, NH  
Tyler Technologies - RFP PDF
Moraine, OH
KRT Appraisal - RFP PDF
Haverhill, MA
Vision Government Solutions - RFP PDF
Hudson, MA

A city committee, comprised of staff from Administrative Services, Assessing, Finance, Legal, Purchasing and Economic Development, reviewed the proposals, conducted interviews and recommended the selection of Vision Government Solutions.

On Monday, October 28th the Board of Assessors held a special meeting. After review of the proposals, the Board of Assessors voted to recommend to the Board of Aldermen, the selection of Vision Government Solutions.

The city will move forward drafting a contract, consulting with Vision Government Solutions, and obtaining contract approval from the NH Department of Revenue, the Finance committee and the Board of Aldermen. 

Cyclical revaluation shall commence in tax year 2019 and run through tax year 2022.