Public Health Emergency Preparedness Work Group

What is Public Health Emergency Preparedness?

According to the CDC Prevention Model State Health Emergency Powers Act, a public health emergency is, “an occurrence or imminent threat of an illness or health condition, caused by bioterrorism, epidemic or pandemic disease, or a novel and highly fatal infectious agent or biological toxin, that poses a substantial risk of a significant number of human fatalities or incidents or permanent or long-term disability.” In other words, public health emergencies pose a larger risk of harm to the health of a population, most times because the nature of the incident itself has the ability to overwhelm existing healthcare and emergency response resources. The Greater Nashua Public Health Region (GNPHR) works collaboratively across all community sectors to plan for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from emergencies.


Greater Nashua Public Health Emergency Preparedness Work Group


Mark Munroe - Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services

Meeting Schedule

Please contact the work group facilitator for the up-to-date meeting schedule.

Goals, Objectives, and Strategies


Strengthen and sustain the GNPHR’s ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from health emergencies which could threaten the health of the community.


1. Increase individual and community resilience and preparedness through:

  • 1.1 Trainings organized by Greater Nashua Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) member organizations.
  • 1.2 Exercises/Drills organized by Greater Nashua PHAC member organizations.

2. PHAC partner organizations will develop and launch a Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) campaign for the GNPHR.

3. Increase number of key organizations that engage in public health planning, exercising, or training in the following sectors:

  • 3.1 Business
  • 3.2 Healthcare
  • 3.3 Community Leaders
  • 3.4 Social Service Organizations
  • 3.5 Faith-Based & Cultural Organizations
  • 3.6 Schools/Education
  • 3.7 Public Safety/EM

4. Maintain GNPHR emergency plans to conduct a coordinated response to a public health event, in accordance with NH DHHS, DPHS, and US CDC requirements.

Suggested Strategies

  • Provide Ready Greater Nashua Learning Series to GNPHR community.
  • Implement trainings and exercises for volunteers on effective and educated bystander response (Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) trainings).
  • Promote the Resilient Nashua Toolkit.
  • Strengthen Healthcare Emergency Response Coalition (HERC) collaboration across all public health incident phases.
  • Increase PHEP planning for individuals with access and functional needs.
  • Support or provide health-security-related workforce education.
  • Ensure disease detection and prevention of spread of public health threats and diseases.

Event Tracking

The Nashua Division of Public Health and Community Services, Greater Nashua Public Health Network would like to congratulate and thank your organization for hosting an educational opportunity around maternal and child health (event, training, conference, etc.) in the Greater Nashua Region! Upon completion of your event, we request that you complete the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Event Tracking Form to assist us in tracking and evaluating health improvement activities within the region. 

If your event already required you to complete a tracking form, please feel free to skip this survey and send them directly to If you have any questions about completing this survey, or in regards to the 2018-2021 Greater Nashua CHIP, please contact the work group facilitator.