Transit Matters

What is Transit Matters?

Transit Matters is an open public meeting occurring every other month. The meeting allows Nashua Transit System to communicate directly with riders and the community about the latest news within the City of Nashua’s public transportation system. Attendees are invited to share their questions and concerns to NTS staff members.

Transportation is Available

In addition to the City Bus, accessible transportation will be made available to all registered riders that wish to attend. Please make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance. Please call NTS dispatch at (603) 880-0100, to make your reservation. 

Ademas de la citybus, el transporte accesible se pondra a disposicion de todos los corredores registrados quedeseen asistir. Por favor haga su reservacion lo menos 48 horas de antelacion. 

Las reuniones de Transit Matters se llevaran a cabo el 13 Defebrero, el 3 de Abril, El 12 De Junio, el 14 de agosto, el 9 de Octubre y el 11 de Diciembre.

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