Overnight Parking

Overnight Parking is prohibited on all public ways in the City between 12 midnight and 6 a.m. daily except in areas designated for the On-Street Parking Program available with a permit submitted through the Overnight Parking On-Street Permit Application.

Where can I park (with a permit)?

Overnight Parking Street Map

Overnight Parking Study

Overnight Parking Study Final Report - Submitted to Board of Aldermen - 06-15-21 (PDF)
Overnight Parking Study PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Requesting Temporary Relief
Residences within the City of Nashua with an emergency or with occasional overnight guests may request permission to temporarily park on the street overnight. Requests must be received by 11:00PM to be considered for same day exception.  We encourage residents to call in by 4:00PM if possible. If you are unable to call in before the 11:00PM cutoff but still need an emergency overnight exception to park on the street, you may still call.  If your call is received between 11:00PM and 2:00AM, you may receive a ticket, but you are welcome to call the Parking Department the following day to discuss the matter.

There is no guarantee that your overnight request will be approved and failure to include all necessary information may result in your request being denied. Residents may place requests by phone or online by following the instructions below:

Requesting by Phone:

Residents may call the Parking Department at 603-589-3077 and leave a detailed message, including all of the following information:

    • Full name
    • Phone number
    • Address of requested location
    • Date of request
    • Reason for request
    • Vehicle information including plate number, make, model, and color.

Requesting Online:
Residents may fill out and submit an Overnight Parking Exception Request Form. Please make sure to include all of the required information including the reason for the request.