Nashua Riverfront Development Project & Tax Increment Financing District

The Downtown Riverfront Master Plan was unanimously approved by the Board of Aldermen at their October, 2017 meeting. This plan, developed over a few short months, is the result of thousands of responses from you and our community.  We wish to sincerely thank you for all of your ideas and the many conversations which have resulted in a plan that envisions a new future for our downtown riverfront. This plan will guide the development of our downtown riverfront for many years to come.   

For full background information on the plan, public outreach and to view the project website, please visit!

The next step is to begin moving forward with implementation, likely over several phases. We will be engaging with you, our stakeholders, and partners to move this forward. Thank you!

Implementation of the Downtown Riverfront Master Plan
One of the financing tools available to Economic Development for public improvements is Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Authorized under New Hampshire Title XII RSA Chapter 162K, (TIF) provides financing for public improvements (sewer, water, roads, sidewalks, landscaping etc.) that are required to initiate viable economic development. New property tax revenue created by the proposed development is used to offset the cost of the public improvements. A TIF can provide an attractive and viable mechanism to pay for the public improvements necessary to support desired redevelopment projects, business expansion, or renovation in specific areas desirable to the City of Nashua.

​Conceptual Design of Downtown Riverfront

In the spring of 2019, the City began taking steps to bring about the implementation of the Downtown Riverfront Master Plan. The City issued an RFQ and ultimately hired VHB to lead the project’s design & engineering efforts. The project team continued engaging the public and various stakeholders, which resulted in the following draft concept plan as presented to a Joint PEDC & Infrastructure Meeting on July 8, 2020.    
Draft Concept Plan

Nashua TIF Legislations


Title XII

Nashua TIF Annual Reports 

TIF 2018 Annual Report
TIF 2019 Annual Report
TIF 2020 Annual Report​

TIF 2021 Annual Report

Nashua Downtown Riverfront Development

In 2007, the City of Nashua utilized Tax Increment Financing to leverage tax revenue generated from the development of the Jackson Falls Condominiums to fund an ambitious expansion of the Nashua Riverwalk. The project created a dramatic new public access to the north side of the Nashua River and provides a critical link within the 1.1 mile long Nashua Riverwalk.

Nashua Riverfront TIF Map

Nashua Riverfront TIF District Map

Riverfront Development Resources

Riverfront Development Master Plan
Riverfront Development and Financing Plan