Livable Nashua Dashboard

Website Aimed at Community Interaction with Ongoing City Projects

Have you ever wondered how much energy is generated annually by the City’s Jackson Falls hydroelectric dam? Or how much land the City of Nashua has in conservation? This new citizen focused tool will allow fast, accurate, access to data on these topics and many more. “This tool is an excellent platform to provide quality data on some of the amazing programs and efforts the City is implementing daily to improve the quality of life within Nashua,” stated Mayor Jim Donchess. “We look forward to your feedback and ongoing engagement.”

This tool allows the City to increase the levels of transparency on a wide range of topics including; water quality, access to healthy food, and solar energy. The tool details statistics to help track progress on our actions through time and encourages community members to be part of the solution by detailing simple actions you can take to be part of the solution and making recommendations on achievable goals for the City. Check it out at, to see how all of our actions are leading towards a better community.