Past Projects

The Broad Street Parkway

The Broad Street Parkway is a two-lane roadway approximately 1.8 miles long which improved access between the Broad Street interchange with the F.E. Everett Turnpike and the westerly edge of Downtown Nashua.  The largest municipally-managed public works project in New Hampshire, the project improved east-west traffic through Nashua, improve access to Downtown Nashua and open up development opportunities in the Nashua Millyard, the Mohawk Tannery site and the Front and Franklin Mill District.

The Broad Street Parkway was completed in 2015.

Downtown Streetscape Enhancements

Nashua’s Main Street sidewalks were last updated more than three decades ago! The wear and tear from New England weather over 30 years is evident to anyone walking or driving downtown along sidewalks, past street lights, traffic poles and benches.  This City addressed these long-standing problems with a bold plan to refresh our downtown streetscape with improvements that brought new vitality to downtown Nashua.