New Hampshire Capitol Corridor

Nashua has been at the forefront of efforts to re-establish the historic passenger rail connections between Boston and New Hampshire. Increasing transportation demand and growing concerns about mobility, economic development and quality of life have led citizens and officials in New Hampshire and Massachusetts to explore options to improve transit service along the northern end of the NH Capitol Corridor. The NH Capitol Corridor project will evaluate a diverse set of rail and bus options for improving connectivity in the NH Capitol Corridor by leveraging existing transportation infrastructure, including the Pan Am Railway, US Route 3 and I-93.

Nashua is a great position to leverage this rail investment with two potential stops in Nashua. The City recently purchased the property located at 25 Crown Street, which is envisioned as a future multi-modal transit facility with strong transit oriented development potential. The site is a short walk to Downtown Nashua. The Exit 36S Project may lead to sighting a second multi-modal facility in Nashua’s south end that will enhance commuting to Boston.