Approximately 25% of household waste are yard trimmings and kitchen scraps. 


Backyard Composting allows residents to handle Soft Yard Wastes without the need for special bags or extra barrels. Food wastes can also be put into a backyard compost bin, along with the leaves, grass clippings and pine needles. The very useful soil amendment that is produced in the process can be added to gardens, lawns and shrubs to help retain moisture in the soil and promote growth. 


Grass-cycling is a way of mowing grass that helps to cut down on the handling of clippings while providing essential nutrients to the soil. Just cut the top third of the blade and leave the clippings in place. Grass-cycling eliminates raking, but does not cause thatch buildup. 


A brochure on Backyard Composting is available for viewing / downloading. It is in Adobe PDF format and each page is a separate file: