Welcoming City Initiative

Nashua, NH is a Welcoming City and a Participant in the Welcoming America Initiative

Fostering a welcoming environment for all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity or place of origin, enhances Nashua’s cultural fabric, economic growth, global competitiveness and overall prosperity for current and future generations; Nashua has long been recognized as a hospitable and welcoming place where individuals, families and institutions thrive and the contributions of all are celebrated and valued.

Nashua is committed to continue building a welcoming and neighborly atmosphere in our community, where all people including immigrant newcomers are welcome, accepted and integrated; and to encourage all residents of Nashua to do their part in reaching out and welcoming all who live, work and visit Nashua. Community efforts that promote understanding and collaboration between long-time residents and foreign born community members are crucial.

Nashua encourages its business leaders, civic groups, other government agencies and community institutions and residents to join in a community-wide effort to expand prosperity and inclusion for all residents by implementing policies and practices that promote understanding and an appreciation of diversity.

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Related Committees


Cultural Connections Committee

The Committee shall consist of the following elected officials and municipal employees: the Mayor or his/her designee; the President of the Board of Aldermen or his/her designee; the Police Chief or his/her designee; the Library Director or his/her designee; the President of the Interfaith Council or his/her designee; the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee; the City Clerk or his/her designee; and the Director of Public Health and Community Services or his/her designee. The Committee shall also consist of the following members, who shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Board of Aldermen: three representatives of the private sector with at least two representing ethnic business constituencies within the community; and a minimum of seven and a maximum of 15 community members representing as broad a spectrum of racial, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity as exists in the Nashua community. Additionally, there shall also be an attempt to include other elements of the community that may be coincidental within its ethnic composition yet include but not be limited to areas such as health care, arts and culture, and/or recreation.

My Brother's Keeper Community Challenge

The MBK Community Challenge is based upon the well-researched findings and expert recommendations from multiple disciplines, which conclude that coordinated efforts can improve the life prospects and outcomes for all our young people.  By intervening at key moments in life, using evidence-based strategies and comprehensive approaches, we can remove barriers, expand opportunity, and improve outcomes for all.