Amherst Street Commercial District

The Amherst Street Commercial District is Nashua’s largest and most diverse business district. Amherst Street (NH Route 101A) enjoys direct access from the F.E. Everett Turnpike via Exit 7 and 8 and is a major gateway leading to the southwestern New Hampshire communities of Milford and Keene. With over 692 acres, the district features the Nashua Airport, along with Nashua’s second largest retail cluster, high-tech manufacturing, technology firms, three colleges, hotels and residential complexes.

Representative Employers

Founded in 1998 and located in the heart of the Amherst Street Commercial District, Ektron is a world leading technology company that creates software that powers corporate websites, intranet portals and social communities.

Nashua Community College
A 2-year community college, Nashua Community College offers technical, career, professional, and liberal arts programs on it’s Amherst Street campus. Over 2,200 students attend the college, which expanded in 2011 to include a new $9.5 million Arts and Sciences Building.

FLIR Commercial Systems
FLIR recently consolidated three subsidiaries under one roof within a newly renovated building on Townsend West. FLIR Commercial Systems employs 350 people in Nashua, where it designs and manufactures products for use in industrial and commercial markets where the primary requirements are to either see at night or detect and measure minute temperature differences.