Incumbent Filings

Incumbent Filings: June 1 & December 1
City ordinances require that "any officeholder" shall inform the City Clerk of any position as a board trustee or like that he or she is involved in on June 1st of each calendar year (NRO 5-98.c.5). In addition, holders of the offices of Mayor, Alderman at Large, Ward Alderman, Board of Education, Fire Commissioner, and Public Works Commission shall file a statement semiannually "showing any income...received from testimonials, gifts, honorariums, donations, or any other source, when the receipt of such income is attributable to the office held by the official. This report shall not include campaign contributions, income received by the official in his regular course of employment or business or salary, mileage, or expense payments made to the official by the City for performance of official duties for the calendar year." For testimonials, each elected official shall disclose the total amount of income received, the expenses of holding the testimonial, and the testimonial net income raised after paying those expenses (NRO 23-22 through 23-24).