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Important Snow Information

Update (November 28th, 2014): Shelter closed at 4pm November 28th, 2014. Anyone needing further assistance as a result of this storm may call the New Hampshire resource information number, 2-1-1. City Emergency Management will provide you with additional information via, Government Access Channel 16 TV, and our Facebook page and Twitter account @NashuaOEM. If you or someone you know needs Red Cross assistance, please call 1-800-464-6692. The Red Cross in New Hampshire is also updating social media sites with safety tips and updated response information. To stay connected, visit and

The City is currently working to clear streets of snow and has all plows operating. The Office of Emergency Management is working with PSNH and our Public Works Division to identify trees and wires down on city streets. If you have a report of a tree down or tree into wires, please report it to us on Facebook ( or send us a tweet (@nashuaoem). This will help us ensure our first responders are aware of blocked roadways. To see our road obstructions map, click here: If your power is out, please report it to PSNH at 1-800-662-7764 or online at

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Records - Right to Know

RSA 91-A:4 (IV) provides that “ Each public body or agency shall, upon request for any public record…make available for inspection and copying any such public records within its files when such records are immediately available for such release. If a public body or agency is unable to make a public record available for immediate inspection and copying, it shall, within 5 business days of request, make such record available, deny the request in writing with reasons, or furnish written acknowledgement of the receipt of the request and a statement of the time reasonably necessary to determine whether the request shall be granted or denied.” It further states, “ Nothing in this section shall exempt any person from paying fees otherwise established by law for obtaining copies of public records or documents, but if such fee is established for the copy, no additional costs or fees shall be charged.”


In accordance with RSA 91-A and the “Memorandum by the Attorney General on the Right to Know Law"  (July 15, 2009), the public may inspect readily-accessible records. We request that researchers try to conduct their research, preferably between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday – Friday, holidays excepted. 

  • If a researcher knows, specifically, what materials he/she would like to review, we would request that the researcher schedule an appointment so that those materials can be assembled in preparation for the visit. 
  • All visitors are required to comply with the research policies of the City Clerk's Office. 
  • Hourly research charges do not apply for staff assistance in pulling or re-stacking materials. 
  • Hourly research charges do not apply for written or verbal requests to copy specific documents requested under the right-to-know law (identified by date(s), page numbers, type, etc., and not requiring search). Charges for copies do apply. 
  • Hourly research charges of $25/hour do apply if a citizen chooses not to personally inspect public records and requests that a staff member conduct research on his/her behalf. Copy charges also apply.
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