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Nashua Public Library

A Tale Of Two Libraries

In 1903, Nashua's first modern library building, the John M. Hunt Memorial Library Building, was completed and Nashua's Library Hill became a point of civic, cultural, and economic pride for the city. In 1970, Nashua’s new "International-Style" Library building designed by local architect John Carter and located on Court Street overlooking the Nashua River was completed. The Nashua Public Library is in fact one of the top Downtown Nashua destinations for both resident families and city visitors alike.

The Board of Library Trustees and the professional staff over the years have broadened the offerings, programs, and educational experiences of the Nashua Library to include all forms of learning media including, the written word, musical performance, storytelling, lectures, art exhibitions, internet research, outdoor concerts, movies, historical research, and more for all age groups.

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